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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Product Benefits & Features

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Guaranteed Long Lasting Shine & Protection

The process includes applying a ceramic paint coating product to the painted surface of the vehicle. The ceramic coating hardens as it cures to create a stronger surface tension that can withstand and help prevent light stone chip damage, light scratches, swirl marks and micro marring, hard water spotting, bird droppings, and more.

These are all professional grade ceramic coatings with superior chemical resistance, super-hydrophobic, UV resistant, semi scratch resistant, temperature resistant, and corrosion resistance.

A Ceramic Coating is a protective permanent coating for your paint. It is hydrophobic, lightly scratch resistant, chemical resistant, oxidation resistant, UV resistant, Self healing, and many other great things! They provide a sacrificial layer of protection between your clear coat and harmful elements such as bird poop, tree sap, acid rain, etc. Instead of your paint taking the damage, the ceramic coating will and it is easily fixable later on!

Why Get A Ceramic Coating?

We have numerous products to coat your paint, trim, wheels, windows, interior and more! If you are sick of waxing your car on the weekends, sick of paying for monthly details, tired of endless swirl marks in your cars paint, or just want to protect your original paint, then it is time for you to get a ceramic coating.

Not only will ceramic coating save you time and money but it even will protect your investment from:

UV damage and paint fading

hard water spots

dirt & mud


and have a long lasting shine




Suv/ Van...............$650

Oversized Truck/ Suv/ Van....$700

 We offer a super affordable Maintaining Plan on a Weekly or Monthly basis

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