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Exterior Detail

If you love your car, every drive is a trip of mixed emotions. It feels great to get behind the wheel, yet every turn in the road poses a potential disaster for your vehicle’s exterior. Road salt, construction, road debris, loose gravel and more are all hazards for your vehicle's well-being. Much more than a "car wash", Timeless Detail's exterior detailing solutions provide your vehicle a high quality, hands-on cleaning experience from bumper to bumper, top to bottom. Our highly-trained vehicle experts remove all of the dirt, residue and scratches the road inflicts, renewing your car or truck's luster while helping maintain its appearance for years to come.

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Exterior Detail

100 % Waterless Wash

Clay Wax

Paint Swirl Removal

3 in 1 Paint Correction (Cut, Compound, Polish)

Nano Wax application (6 month protection)

Dressing on all exterior trim & tires

Shine windows & mirrors

Clean gas cap & Housing

Door jams & hinges

Clean Wheel wells

Paint correction

Paint correction is a process of restoring and rejuvenating the paint of a vehicle, mainly through the elimination of surface imperfections.These imperfections include things like oxidation, haze, swirl marks, fine scratches, bird dropping etching, acid rain etching, holograms & buffer marks.


Complete Wipe down and Vacuum (Carpets, matts, trunk)



Suv/ Van..................$155

Oversized Truck/ Suv/ Van.......$165

other services can be added on upon request.
Headlight Restoration (Both)
Headlight Wrap / Tint / Smoke
Chrome Polish
Interior Stain Spot Removal