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Headlight Restoration

Improved Driver Safety & Improve Appearance

The onset of severe weather conditions like fog, rain, snow, and sleet can appear without a moment’s notice. Having safe headlights is critical to protecting your family, loved ones and the passengers of oncoming vehicles. Even while driving at night with headlights that are cloudy and hazy, the beams of light emitted can be reduced by as much as 70%. It can be difficult to clearly determine if your headlights are even turned on. So we play with the high beams or begin to squint at the roadway in front of us, both of which are also highly dangerous driving practices. Professional headlight restoration is a long lasting, affordable solutions that can help you see the road clearly during such conditions.

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Both Headlights.......$40

Both Foglights..........$15

other services can be added on upon request.
Headlight Wrap / Tint / Smoke
Chrome Polish
Exterior Wash
Trim/ Molding Restore